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2021 Highlights: Action Figures & Toys

2021's roll call of the year's more memorable action figures/toys is now in full affect! And just like 2020, the year has gotten less about this part of my hobby and more about other things. That doesn't mean, however that I still didn't do my part. I did, of course. I'll always be a collector--for better or for worse.

  1. Accuracy: Did this figure capture the likeness of the source material? This is subjective since 'likeness' might also be in the eye of the beholder. There is a definitive look for a character, but there are also many different artist for someone like, let's say, Spider-Woman, that makes "definitive" really subjective.

  2. Price: Regardless of the price paid, did it meet its overhead price? Enough bells and whistles to justify its price tag?

  3. Availability: How rare is this figure? Was it hard to get? It's not a BIG factor to a LOT of the action figures on the list but it is something that plays a small part.

  4. Preference: Of course some of my fandoms does come into play. This might very well be the biggest factor as to WHY these action figures are on the list.

Needless to say, it's another year of #POPs, #Bishoujos, and a sprinkle of #Marvel_Legends. Not only that, it's also barely a handful what I collected this year. With that fact, I'm only going to list my "Top 10" and no honorable mentions like the previous years. And, of course, the 'rules' I have for a figure to make it to this list barely resembles my criteria this year, but alas, it is what it is. So, without further adieu let's get right into 2021's hitters!


by: Funko

I got a handful of POPs this year and I like them all, some more than others, of course. It would have been easy to make a POP list, but that wouldn't have been fun. All in all, as much as there were good ones that I caught, this particular one...Vlad the Impaler, has a lot of details that I don't typically see with POPs. Simple, but sculpted, one color, but fine choice of red with some good black highlights, all in all, this POP delivered and really stood out!

by: Hasbro

Gone are the days where I would collect #BAF sets by the herd, nowadays I just grab pieces that have relevance to my collection (a smart move). And since the Silver Centurion is the first armor I ever saw Iron Man in, this was a must. It's not a bad action figure too with a few original molds and a new spice to a well-used repulsor blast effect. I wish there was a Tony Stark head, but alas, it is what we got and I do love it!

by: Hasbro

Speaking of a must, the Modular Armor Iron Man is definitely a 90s look that has crossed over to animation, video games, and a whole lot of mediums that I used to be into during the 90s era of comics. The only thing this thing is really missing is a Proton Canon accessory and then it's a perfect representation of what this armor means to me! Love the colors! Love the body mold! I just love this thing!

by: Kotobukiya

The return of Felicia Hardy in Bishojou form is definitely welcomed. The first Bishoujo of her was a bit underwhelming but her second outing definitely lived up to the hype and remedied. Sexy pose, flowing hair, the looks that could kill, and a proper vibe for a character that is all too-often forgotten. Glad to have you back, Ms. Hardy!

by: Kotobukiya

Bishoujo statues are grand and definitely the cream of the crop for me in my collecting days for 2021. I was never too deep into the Horror lines and I thought getting Pennywise might have been an impulse buy (it was), but after getting her this year I knew I made the right choice. For a gender bend, she's get all the sexiness needed for the swap to work, she's got sexy suave, she's got the looks, the details are extreme even if subtle, the expression and the pose to exude horror and fear--even the stand is low-key but VERY fitting and detailed on its own. Yeah, this statue has merit and it really took me by surprise. Definitely deserves the spot this year!


The line up gets smaller and smaller and I'm not sure if that is going to change for 2022. I'm certain that the variety will continue to remain in a tight knit and Marvel Legends will continue to be a victim. POPs, however, will remain the constant flow. This year was pretty easy to make and hard at the same time. I'm not going to be then collector I used to be when I started this blog on 2018, but nonetheless I'm still a collector! We'll see what 2022 does. Grand or small, I know the year will still be a glorious year for collecting. Forward we go!

On a side note, it's hard NOT to mention my PS5. While not exactly the standard 'display' in my game room, it is, nonetheless, a "toy" that I adore and very much well appreciate for having in my collection. I spent a good few (the word I use very loosely) hours on this console and a few more good years ahead with gaming. So it stands tall along with my Marvel Legends, my Playarts, my Bishoujo's, my POPs, and the likes.

Until Next Time!

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