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2020 Highlights: Action Figures & Toys

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

A lot of things changed in #2020 when it comes to my collecting endeavors. Right off the get-go, I didn't spend as many resources this year as I did in 2019. It's pretty obvious that #Marvel_Legends took a backseat this year and #POP definitely became an abundance within my collection. Needless to say, there are a few things that came to my game room that is definitely worth pointing out. But let's get some 'rules' out of the way.

  1. Accuracy: Did this figure capture the likeness of the source material? This is subjective since 'likeness' might also be in the eye of the beholder. There is a definitive look for a character, but there are also many different artist for someone like, let's say, Spider-Woman, that makes "definitive" really subjective.

  2. Price: Regardless of the price paid, did it meet its overhead price? Enough bells and whistles to justify its price tag?

  3. Availability: How rare is this figure? Was it hard to get? It's not a BIG factor to a LOT of the action figures on the list but it is something that plays a small part.

  4. Preference: Of course some of my fandoms does come into play. This might very well be the biggest factor as to WHY these action figures are on the list.

Year by year, these prerequisites are becoming less and less applicable. As I go through my picks this year, it's become quite obvious. Also, last few years I have had categories and I had the opportunity to rank at least five with every said category. This year (and last), didn't have that chance. So this year, I just picked out the ones that really stood out to me, with a few honorable mentions.


::Honorable Mentions::

Marvel Legends are scarce for me this year. Phage is one of the few I picked up this year and no surprise, he doesn't blow me away. He is, as a character, all about nostalgia. I'm glad to have him and having him brings me one step closer to finishing the Life Foundation Symbiote team. A shiny gold paint, a nicely molded alternate arm, and a nice head sculpt--it's not a bad mainstream action figure; the norm and the usual for Hasbro's main lineup.

#Bishoujo is actually quite productive this year. Their #MLP line up is part of the reason the blood kept pumping. So far, they have been good, and honestly, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash weren't bad but they didn't grab me in the wow factor as a Bishoujo would. They're not terrible statues by any means! oh, no! maybe because Shy and Dash are not my favorite ponies, or anything--truthfully that may have had a factor as to why these gals got the homage and not on the 'list', but I still do adore these gals. They are, after all, part of the Mane Six. Their Bishoujo treatment is still as sexy and as creative, as Kotobukiya is known for their Bishoujo line so definitely worth being picked up and lined up next to the other Ponies.

I had high expectations for this Bishoujo. Domino is one of my favorite Marvel Babes and to get a Bishoujo of her is actually a dream come true. She had a pretty terrible 2019 in the comics so giving her a Bishoujo treatment might sweeten up her terrible time (honestly, it was traumatizing for me too). I got this statue and I honestly adore it. It's beautiful, it seethes of sass and sexiness, and it's definitely our dear ole' Neena! However, there was just something missing. She didn't give as much of an explosion as she should for being an X-Force gal. Regardless, I love this thing. She deserves a spot in my highlights even if she isn't in my "Top 10".


This year's review was a bit baffling. I know that the quality between a #POP and a #Bishoujo is vast and they're not even in the same playing field--same sport, different league. A lot of this is just personal preference and pricing/quality has got little to nothing to do with some of my judgment this year. So with that out of the way, here are the ten action figures/statues that stood out to me during 2020!

by: Funko

The venomized line from Funko has produced some pretty awesome stuff. Matt Murdock over here just oozes with fear factor with that grin and the lack of eyes. He's recognizable, the color is spot on, the tendrils and the grin gives him that evil symbiote look, and those horns! Funko has definitely been improving over the past few years with their commons and Matt Murdock over here is just a good example of that!

by: Square Enix

In a year where I got more #Bishoujos than Marvel Legends, by all rights this little figurine should not have made the list. However, I do adore Terra, and since she only has one action figure in my collection (being one of my main 4, it's kind of sad), having another one really brightened up my year! Yes, it's tiny. Yes, it lacks details. Heck, her costume isn't even my favorite one, but all in all, I'm happy to have her! She's just adorable! And it's Terra!

by: Funko

Funny enough, I find myself a bigger Beta Ray Bill fan than a Thor fan. So when I found that we are getting a Walgreen's exclusive Beta Ray Bill, I knew I had to get him! A classic design and a lightning effect Stormbreaker, this guy is just an amazing addition to my Marvel POPs!

by: Funko

#Frozen_2 came swinging with a bunch of Elsa POPs during 2019. Some of those Elsa exclusives carried over to 2020 and I'm all the more happy for it! The one that stood out to me is from the "Rider Series", Elsa & Nokk. The scene with Elsa and the water horse and parts of Show Yourself is about where my "unconditional love" with Frozen 2 ends (I still love the movie though!), so needless to say, this moment means something to me, and having a POP version of it is a blessing!

by: SEGA Prize

The moment I saw this piece I knew I wanted her! She just looks awfully charming with that adorable face and that equally adorable reptile in her hands! Sega Prize has done me good before and this statue definitely has a place in my heart! I love Elsa's look (s) in Frozen 2 and her main dress is one of my favorites. Had to grab a statue and/or action figure of her somehow!

by: Funko

Sometimes I have to take into consideration of the source material and how it impacted me for the year. Ghost of Tsushima was a game I adored whole-heartedly. I adored the aesthetics, the theme, the feel, and overall, just loved the game. Jin Sakai may not be the most stand out protagonist out there but he is, after all, a Ronin--Samurai, Ninja-- The Ghost. I had to get a POP of him and honestly, thing delivers! The exclusive version is the must out of the two! The blood just adds a new dimension to this thing!

by: Funko

Oh snap! Yes, Thanos! This Titan got his fame from the Infinity Saga that oh, so, portrayed him to be a complex but unbending villain of the #MCU. He has a ton of merchandise and him being a POP is not a strange occurrence for the Mad Titan. This particular one though is a must for me. It's classic. It represents him in the era where he took the stage in the Marvel Comics: The Infinity War. Just a perfect POP that oozes of care and quality. I love this thing.

by: Kotobukiya

Twilight Sparkle is my favorite Pony so a Bishoujo of her was definitely bound to be a hit! Truth to be told, she doesn't disappoint. Her clothing is spot on to her personality. Her Pony version is just as adorable. The pose and the face, it's almost perfect. I definitely really adore this thing and she almost hit a high spot in the list if it wasn't for the next two!

by: Kotobukiya

I adore Rarity! She's hilarious for the moments she doesn't mean to be and I do adore the generous personality. Her glamorous and sometimes absurd sense of fashion has a place in the Bishoujo line up and, my, oh my, did Kotobukiya deliver. A pose that seethes of fashion modeling, that head looking over her shoulder, the hair, the professional-sexy clothing--it's perfect. Her Pony is also quite adorable and just full of personality. Surprisingly, Rarity hit a higher note than the rest of her friends and I am not, by any means, disappointed that she did!

by: Kotobukiya

In a year that is mostly dominated by Bishoujos and POPs, Dark Phoenix stands tall. There's no other way around it. The pose, the expression, the base, it's all so grand. I had a lot of fun with this one, and my eyes naturally gravitate towards her whenever I take a pause from writing or gaming. She's just an amazing piece and she is worth the price and the wait.


In conclusion, it was a really strange year and to end it off with my action figures list is kind of just as baffling for some. I'm not sure how varied or how much this year will offer in my collection but I do know that it might very well follow the same trend as 2019. I still love collecting and I adore the ones I caught in 2020, but there comes a time when space becomes an issue (and price haha!). But for as long as I can manage, I will grab more enamoring pieces and rest assured that 2021 will end with a list that is just as worthy, or if not, blow away 2020's.

Until Next Time!

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