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2022 Highlights: Action Figures and Toys

Alright! Let's look at 2022 and what it had to offer in regard to action figures and the such. 2021 wasn't bad but this year definitely was a bit more fruitful and diverse. So I'm not going to get too much into the intro but let's list the reasons why I put certain figures in the front and center compared to others. Here it is:

  1. Accuracy: Did this figure capture the likeness of the source material? This is subjective since 'likeness' might also be in the eye of the beholder. There is a definitive look for a character, but there are also many different artists for someone like, let's say, Spider-Woman, which makes "definitive" really subjective.

  2. Price: Regardless of the price paid, did it meet its overhead price? Enough bells and whistles to justify its price tag?

  3. Availability: How rare is this figure? Was it hard to get? It's not a BIG factor in a LOT of the action figures on the list but it is something that plays a small part.

  4. Preference: Of course, some of my fandoms do come into play. This might very well be the biggest factor as to WHY these action figures are on the list.

Still a #POP kind of year but the difference is that there are more options with other toy lines! #Bishoujo also came strong along with imports. I actually have some variety for a couple of categories that I didn't have in 2021 so it's going to be somewhat in line with how I collected during 2018 - 2019. Though one would notice the absence of #Marvel_Legends because I pretty much stopped collecting them (though I have a few in sight for the future). So without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?


The Most POPular

Actually got quite a bit of POPs this year. I'd say more than usual but I can't really say for sure. Though one thing is certain, I managed to snag a myriad of different sizes and series, and a particular one made the cut as one of my favorite catches for the year.

Definitely a lot of Wonder Women this year, BUT definitely got some unique ones. 2022 did good, for sure.

It's easy to say that it's Arishem's size that makes it stand out as this year's POP. But honestly, it's really more than that. This Celestial's got details, posture, unique stand, and because of its overall design, this POP stands out more than the size it brings. I tend to go back and look at this piece as one of my favorite POP that I have to date. Though the movie Arishem came from is a different story.


The Prettiest Bishoujo

It's hard to truly be a full-time collector of these beautiful statues. Why is that? Well, Kotobukiya hiked up their prices beyond belief as of late. But I did manage to grab three this year and as always, there can be only one.

Morrigan might have the weight when it comes to my fandom. I do adore Morrigan the best compared to Stargirl and even Mai Shiranui, but as far as Bishoujos go, I believe Morrigan alsso delivered more. I just love her pose, her details, and her overall presence. Definitely going to be my favorite for a bit.


Imported Beauties

This is definitely not going to be common from here on out, me thinks. Also, these statues are all over the place in terms of price, caliber, and the characters and their origin. The contenders for the top prize are also quite unique and some, I'm not even sure if they are bootleg or not. Again, quite a wild ride with this area of my collection and I'm almost positive we are not going to follow the trend for 2023! But as for 2022, the winner is ....

I've been a fan of FuRyu for some time now. Ruler Jeanne D'Arc is my most favored import from this year. She's not the "highest caliber" in terms of price and 'work', but for what she charges and what she gives, she's definitely worth every penny. The Fate outfit for some of the characters can get pretty complex and Jeanne, while not the most intricate, she does have her own challenge for any artists out there. With this FuRyu, she's done with grace, simple but complex, and accurate execution that really gets me to go back to this figurine. Not to mention her price is quite right!


For 2022!

Now we have the one action figure that really stands out the most. From the build-up of getting it, from the box to the moment I open it, Static Arts 2B is definitely something to admire and enjoy. Even if I went with the standard version, I still think that this version of 2B Static Arts has a lot to offer. Captured 2B's outfit with all its intricacy and the finer simple details of the YoRHa Android. Sexy and imposing all at the same time. Definitely gives me hope for the future Static Arts coming sometime in 2023 (sneak peek, eh?).


2022 was wild! Had a lot of variety with imports, so many #POPs, got trio for #Bishoujo, and then ZERO Marvel Legends. As I mentioned, I'm not sure where 2023 is going to stand. I know I have some leftover preorders from this year and things coming that I know will interest me. I will say that because of the lack of space and the funds required to get some of these figurines aren't getting any lower, I will try my very best to ensure that I keep a closer handle this year than previously. Regardless of what the future holds though, I do believe that 2022 was a success! A very unexpectedly busy but appreciated year for my collecting fandom! So here's to the coming new year!

Until Next Time!

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