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Commission: A'rlen Sirushi The Cutest WoL

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Now, this is how we end the year (or is it this the last #commission?). As always, Llythium-Art delivers another hard-hitting art piece! With #FFXIV being one of my favorite games and with the cutest WoL, A'rlen Sirushi being front and center, it's only inevitable I do a large commission highlighting my catgirl! Inspired by Patch 6.1's Newfound Adventure poster, this picture touches on some of my Miqo'te's adventures, relationships, and, of course, the jobs she had utilized to keep Eorzea safe!

The variant colors may not be noticeable for everyone, and admittedly they're not too different but they are, by all rights, still given a dab of love and hard work! Speaking of hard work!


A'rlen and her Jobs

Alright, here we go! Llythium DiD it again for me! Variations with her commissions are common! Here we have single pictures of the jobs/outfits showcased within the main picture. So without further ado, let's get right into the gallery, shall we?

One of my favorite outfits for A'rlen! I've commissioned this twice and it's definitely a very common outfit that one can see A'rlen wearing. Not as prominent in the main picture but is still present nonetheless.

A western steam-punk look for the Cutest WoL! Not my main MCH outfit, but definitely something that I adore. Another outfit I have commissioned before. I do love the 'western' looking shotgun that she uses too.

This was one of A'rlen's first outfits and the Monk was her second job! This outfit, while not the most difficult or 'prestige' (if you will), but it is for sure part of A'rlen's everyday memories.

Tanking is not the style of the Cutest WoL like A'rlen. But when she does it, she tries to be as cute and stylish as possible. Truth be told, the first default outfit of the GNB looks darn good. Least on A'rlen it does!

Out of all of A'rlen's jobs, this one has the most white out of all. Thus the nickname, Angel of Death. But I also feel that Llyth did some serious magic with this one. Look at that bleeding eye! Not a Miqo'te to mess with!

Swashbuckling Cutest WoL! I know, right? The only Job that doesn't have a nickname of some sort. Well, Crafting and Gathering also have their default names for each job but that's the non-battle fitters. Also, one of the rare times you'll see A'rlen have patience with casting spells! H'naka must have helped with that!

A'rlen's go-to 'power up' outfit she wears when fighting the last boss! I swear I still remember the hard grinding to get the gil to be able to afford to buy the kit to customize this armor! And also, the dye! And the spear! Seriously, it was well worth it! Also, I keep humming the Heavensward theme song!

And then this outfit that has become synonymous with A'rlen's everyday shenanigans! Obviously, it's a Machinist outfit but I've sorta used it as her default outfit during most cutscenes or so. With that said, I truly did enjoy seeing these in separate pieces. Llyth did extra work and I adore and appreciate her for it!


A'rlen and Her Comrades

The commission also featured some of A'rlen's allies (lovers) who are a mix of different WoLs. We also have the canon NPCs like Estinien and Y'shtola. Once again, Llythium fixed up the pics so that they would be fit for a single-pic look. Here we are!

"I Hate You..."

When these two aren't too busy competing on who deserves the title of 'Better Dragoon', they actually like each other. They might have gotten intimate once or twice but who's to say that it wasn't by accident, right? Also, A'rlen never knew that Estinien was actually such a good kisser.

The Four WoLs!

Adventuring comes with a few perks. Meeting a few WoLs along the way is definitely one of those perks. Helps that they are pretty competent!

"Hang on, Y'shtola!"

And what's a few adventuring without some Distress along the way, right? Besides, Y'shtola can't always be the one saving peoples' arses, right? The mouthy, intelligent, and always capable Y'shtola does have her moments of being a damsel! Just a matter as to when A'rlen sets her free, right?


This was a HUGE Commission. Worth the time waiting, worth the penny, and seriously, Llyth doesn't get the credit she deserves sometimes! I adore this pic! Not only is it the Cutest WoL's highlight, but it's also Llyth's hard work! Do check out her gallery, please! Also, definitely more on A'rlen's adventures sure enough!

Until Next Time!

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