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Commission: A'rlen Sirushi The Cutest WoL

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Now, this is how we end the year (or is it this the last #commission?). As always, Llythium-Art delivers another hard-hitting art piece! With #FFXIV being one of my favorite games and with the cutest WoL, A'rlen Sirushi being front and center, it's only inevitable I do a large commission highlighting my catgirl! Inspired by Patch 6.1's Newfound Adventure poster, this picture touches on some of my Miqo'te's adventures, relationships, and, of course, the jobs she had utilized to keep Eorzea safe!

Very slight variant with colors!

Llyth, I freaking appreciate your hard work on this! Seriously! Thank you! Do check out her gallery for more awesome stuff!

Until Next Time!

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