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FFXIV: A'rlen and Her New Toys

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

A temporary glam, mind you, for A'rlen's "casual" Dragoon outfit.

Since #FFXIV is an ever changing content, A'rlen has to adapt and with that, she gains new weapons--strong or for glam, here is my first post dedicated to A'rlen's new toys that will help her adventures! Let's get to it!


The Gunbreaker Post

Blade's Resolve

My first and possibly only Tank class got a shiny weapon! A'rlen had the same gunblade for some time and I knew that I was going to switch over to a Resistance Weapon at some point. I had thought I was going to stop at the 3rd phase of the weapon, but I didn't. Good all the way to the Blade's and I'm happy! Look! It glows! They all do!


The Blade's Ingenuity picture above shows it with the full glowing effects and everything. Looks good and I like the additional scope. But For this Machinist outfit, I preferred it to be a bit more 'grounded'.

Blade's Ingenuity

Looking like a western shotgun from back in the day, it is a perfect match for A'rlen's steampunk/western attire! I adore the overall look, for sure!


Blades' Glory

And, of course, I wouldn't be going about my Relics Grind without giving attention to my Dragoon class, would I? It's my main DPS job getting a fancy strong weapon for it was a must! But here's the catch: I'm not fully into how it looks and I used the third phase (Augmented Law's Spear) for a glam towards my 3rd Dragoon outfit.

For my Crimson Dragoon, she gets the full stats of the Blade's Glory but retains her Zetta-Longinus! I'm not sure if any spear will topple my love for this perfect combination. We shall see. #Endwalker is around the corner!

Red Mage

Augmented Law's Rapier

I don't use Red Mage as often these days, but I do like having a semi-caster on my DPS class. I also like how the lvl 80 outfit looks so I decided to give her a grind. Though I'll keep the 3rd phase look for two reasons: first is I can't justify doing another long Reggae sessions and second is that I'm not a fan on how the Blade's phase for the Red Mage.


Augmented Law's Order Knuckles

My brawler DPS don't get used as often compared to the earlier days. But gotta give her some love still. Much like the Red Mage, the reasons for staying on the 3rd phase for the weapon is the same. Really like how this looks too.

Sharpened Sultan's Fist

On a side note, I also did a grind for the #Heavensward Anima relic because I had extra items that carried all the way to the 3rd phase. It literally was a 2-3 hour grind and it cleared ton of space on my inventory. Not going to be using it as a glam as of right now but I can say I almost finished the grind for the Monk.


Skybuilder's Pickaxe

Imagine my surprise when I found out there was a Crating and Gathering Tool Relics! They're a major grind and truth to be told, I'm not sure I want to go through it for my crafting classes (yes, that's right, A'rlen crafts too!) since it was a pain for it with my Miner. But, the stats are legit and I do like the shiny look.


Skysung's Hatchet

Yes, even my Botanist gets a shiny new weapon. The funny thing is, I am still in the process of getting a post to show off her Botanist look. For now, here's a preview and also a show of her shiny new Hatchet! Again, I don't think I'll go for the crafting tools but you never know!

Well, that's about it for A'rlen's new toys. These things will probably carry me through a good portion of Endwalker but we'll see. I can't imagine what the grinding will be like for the next set of Relics. I assume it will be a sequel to Bozja storyline. We'll see.

Until Next Time!

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