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Frozen 10th

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Yeah, that's what they call the 10th anniversary of Frozen! It sounds like they are promoting the 10th movie of the franchise, eh? Oh, you know that Disney won't waste the opportunity to celebrate one of their juggernauts. On this side of the web, in this domain... well, she's one of my main gals! We're gonna pay homage, celebrate, distress, and reminisce. Let's take a look at some of my older commissions, fanart, and some official works! So let's go!


Clearly one of the big draws of my blog is for my commissioning hobby! And it's no surprise that I got some Frozen in there--or should I say, got some Elsa commission. Here are just a small few of them.

It's no secret that the Coronation Dress was one of my favorites. For the earlier years of my commissioning hobby, Kachima was my main artist. I was also deep into Frozen Skyrim fanfic. So we worked together a bit and one of my favorite works from here was Frozen Skyrim IV.

Frozen Skyrim XIII

Yeah, there's a bit of something to talk about with the two of them! I know, a whole lot of spice.

Yes, DiD moment. Yes, this one is a bit more on the lewd-y side. Well, maybe NOT this pic, but there is a version where it gets a bit more... lewd.

I've always wanted to do a Manga variation of the two. Like an intermission picture where it's more of an AU artwork of certain characters.

Hedrick-CS was a big-time artist at one point in my gallery. While he and I haven't worked as much, I will say that he got some amazing renditions of Elsa and Onyx during the days I worked with him!

And then, of course, there's Llythium. What else can I say about her?

When I started commissioning Llyth, I knew that she'd eventually draw Elsa and Onyx together. And she'd done Onyx and Elsa on separate occasions too. No surprise. I'll always enjoy her style and I'm glad and honored to always have the opportunity to work with her.


I've also poured a fair share of my hard-earned bucks towards buying merchandise, obviously. There's a lot more that I decided I won't even post here on my blog. But here are a few to look at for Frozen's 10th year!

I have a few Elsa-related graphic tees.

I've had the Figma Elsa for a while now. Had to get her the moment I saw that she was coming. I do wish that FIgma did more Figma figurines of Elsa. Doubtful though. Shame. Still, at least this one I have is good.

And, of course, I have POPs! Other than Iron Man, I have the most Elsa POPs since I made an effort to collect all the Adult Elsa for Frozen and Frozen 2. Crazy.


And the talents across the web had dropped quite a few of their take on Elsa! This is a very small fraction but I just have to share a few! My words won't be able to do it justice so just visit the gallery and/or admire the artists!

Xlayers ain't no stranger in my blog, obviously.

Obviously, I can find more but that means I'm going to be here all night! Just do check out these artists and give them the props they deserve!

All in all.....

This movie/franchise has done a lot for me. I know it's been mostly an Elsa show with the Commissions, Merchandise, etc, but Frozen is Elsa for me. And I couldn't be more appreciative that this franchise--the character, did so much for me. Heck, she's one of my main four for crying out loud! Ten Years is a long time and the longevity of Frozen carries on. So thank you, Disney, the team who made/worked on Frozen-- thank you for making it happen! I truly do appreciate everything y'all have done.

Until Next Time!

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